A Divine Intervention

I quickly left home one morning in order to make an appointment and I accidentally went south on the 405, when I should have gone north on the highway. 

I must had been on auto-pilot because usually I’m very conscious of where I’m going, especially when I drive. After I realized my error, and how little time I had left, I grumbled and took the first exit to turn around.  

A red light stopped me in my speedy tracks and I pulled up to a disheveled woman on my left, asking for donations.  As I sat there, her genuine and peaceful energy intoxicated me and I decided to give her a few dollars. I typically hold onto my change in these situations but

A strong nudge instantly dissolved any remnants of discernment I had. 

I quickly grabbed my wallet before the light changed, and found a twenty.  “Was it too much?”  The voice in my heart gave me a feeling of compassion, and I rolled down my window.  The woman’s eagle eyes observed my cue as she approached my vehicle.  I folded the twenty, and handed it to her.  She reached for my gift, not looking at the amount and her face softened. 

She said, “I was just thinking about getting a new bible.  I’ve been praying for help…PRAYING.”

The red light turned green and I slowly drove through the intersection, our eyes still locked.  I didn’t want to go until I watched her take a look at what I gave her.  Not wanting to upset the drivers behind me, I decided to focus on the road and then heard a ruckus.  I knew at that moment, she looked.  Her resonance of words followed me as I drove away… “I LOVE YOU!  GOD BLESS YOU!”  

My window was still down and I shouted back, “I love you too!” as I waved those good vibes back to her.  I was saturated with so much love, my eyes teared up.  

Her form dissipated in my rearview mirror.  I knew in my heart I’d never see her again.  I wished her a good, happy life.  

I got back on the highway.  

Little did I know, a wrong turn ended up being the right one in every way.  I may have given her some money, but she gave me a taste of unconditional love. 

A Divine Intervention Indeed,