Hello Dear Ones,

In our world where our nervous systems are overstimulated, traumas are reactivated, and we see no end in sight, may we still experience peace and tranquility.

In our world where disgruntled eyes listen for restrained coughs, smothered sneezes, and our very bodily fluids are dehumanized, may we choose balance and health.

In our world where the word “mask” creates discriminatory frequencies of every color, and the polarization of perspectives is strengthened beyond social distancing, may we still build bridges to unite our communities and spread compassion.

Our world is not the same as it was in January.  New patterns have taken hold of our thoughts, our actions, and how we treat each other.

I’ve always admired the beauty of perspectives and how they add dimension to every experience.  Obstacles occur when perspectives crystalize into unwavering belief systems where no molecule of compassion can penetrate and seek solace.  My hope is for us to find the words that HELP instead of forcing words that HURT.  Your words are powerful, resonating tools.  Use them wisely.

To ride the waves of this pandemic, it requires a fluidity of patterned thoughts.  This state of awareness allows the three Sages: Love, Compassion, and Empathy, to integrate and lead you forward.  

No matter what comes across your path during this time, remember the humanity that envelopes each soul on this planet.  Each person is experiencing this chapter of life differently.  For that, no perspective will be the same, nor can any life be compared…there is no competition.  For this very same reason, I ask you not to compromise your own perspectives, but instead, perhaps we can all soften our tongues and soften our hearts.  Be kind to each other.  It’s time to release judgments, release ridicule, and focus your lenses on the light of the situation. 

I find gratitude can bring about the smile, tingle, or flutter that’s needed to brighten my day.  One item of gratitude can easily turn into a list of 25, when you don’t think too hard about it.  

What are you grateful for today? 

Seeding The Ripples With Love,