A Poem

It’s not race.

It’s not hate.

It’s not anger.

It’s a programming that is encoded 
in every human being 
since the beginning of time.
It’s a codon that switches on and 
gives allowance to wars,
capturing slaves,
aggressively converting worshippers,
and killing indigenous tribes.

It’s why thousands of ‘witches’ died at the stake, 
burned alive.

It’s why millions died in gas chambers,
or from starvation.

It’s why children are still abused mentally,
verbally, physically and sexually.

It’s why homosexuals are bullied, killed and called 

It’s why women, still today, are considered property
and experience trauma in their own homes.

It’s a gene that replicates itself and transmutes
from perpetrator to victim; 
mutating the victim in a cocoon of experience,
then shedding it’s skin to become another
IF the codon is switched on.

To believe that
an individual, 
a culture, 
a color,
a sex, 
a religion,
a society,
a country,
to you,
is a codon that, IF switched on, 
will eventually 
destroy us all.

May we all deprogram this inferior complex
from of our senses of sight, taste, touch, smell 
and sound.

May we turn on the codons that ignite the
peace within ourselves and throughout our world.

May we acknowledge the lessons of the past
and begin to heal our ancestral scars.

May we extend our olive branches 
from every family tree.

May our differences be seen as a virtue,
where each being is lifted in praise and purpose.

May we grasp each others’ hearts 
in a loving embrace and,
from heartbeat to heartbeat,
share and meditate in the vibration of 

Let us cut the chords of our past 
so that we can heal the future of 
our children today.

Let our voices of grace surround and infuse 
Mother Earth
in love,
in light,
in trust,
and in 

So be it.