It’s ALL In The Name

Sharpening Your Intuitive Skills With The Alphabet

At this very moment, say your name ALOUD. 

Does it feel refreshing to say it?  Does each syllable and each vowel sound resonate with you?  How do you feel about it’s vibration as it rolls off your tongue?  Or does the sound of it constrict every muscle in your body?

Have you taken on a nickname until the right one comes along?

Apparently there is a reason for our reactions towards names, especially your own name.  Be they subtle or repelling, the moment you hear a name your intuition will give you clues as to whether to invite this person to dinner or hand them a rain-check. 

Sharón Lynn Wyeth goes into depth regarding the symbolism and the connections we all experience with names in her book, Know the Name Know the Person: How a Name Can Predict Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.  She discusses the personality traits and characteristics derived from the combination of letters from our very own alphabet.  

This book is eerily perceptive and sheds a lot of light into the weaknesses and strengths of names just by understanding the consonants and vowels.  For example, one characteristic of a name that ends in “A” or “Y” is that they share a quality of wanting to be liked.  They tend to be people-pleasers.  Individuals with names pronounced with a silent “H” know how to smooth over difficult situations.  A name that begins with the letter “C” may emphasize a need to be in control and right, no matter the risk involved. 

Sharón also discusses how the first name is the first impression, the middle name (if you have one) either enhances or conflicts with the characteristics in the first, and the last name represents the influence in an individual’s environment and their heritage.  

I highly recommend this book if you work with people or children on a daily basis.  It will help develop your intuitive skills and give you formulas to support these precognitions you may experience before the very first meeting. Happy reading!!!   

Working on my boundaries,