How To Twist Your New Year Resolutions Into Attainable Goals

Once the clock stroke midnight and we embraced the New Year, did you feel the weight of the months ahead?  While many see the New Year as a fresh start or a clean slate, others who run on the sensitive side can easily get bombarded with swirly thoughts of plans, appointments, work, and everything in-between that encourages the monkey-mind to live up to its name.


Do not worry, I will help you as you transition to this plus-one year to write on your checkbooks and contracts.  First, let’s simplify some goals.  You do have some goals for this year, correct?  If not, perhaps that’s why you’re floating across the universe and not anchored to Mother Earth as we speak.


Grab a pen and piece of paper.  Yes, at this very moment, grab both of these items.  Alright, now focus….GOALS.  You are going to make two columns.  In the left column, I want you to list a minimum of five goals you’d like to accomplish this year.  You can always add more later, however, we will begin with five.  Before you even put that pen to your paper, I request one thing:  Use 2-4 words to describe each goal.  Really filter out all the random tandems and hoopla, and get to the juicy bits of your hopes and desires.




Now, in the right column, I am going to introduce a tool that will that will help you put a twist on your goal and get to the heart of what it is you truly desire. 


The word duality, or the contrast between two concepts, can add a plethora of insight when we get stuck in a routine of seeing ourselves through the same pair of peepers.  Aren’t goals created to reflect on our future selves?  How is this possible if we’re only looking through one pair of lenses?  To gain more insight on the goals you choose, and make them more attainable,  I encourage you to put on a pair of dualistic lenses.


Below, I created examples of goals and their dualistic counterparts.  These are the top desires I hear from many individuals whenever the New Year begins.


2019 Goals

I will briefly touch on each of these goals.  If any of them resonate with you, you can take more time to explore them and see what creative images develop. 


Lose Weight vs. Gain Health

Weight can be a factor in one’s health, however it is not the only factor to decide if one is healthy.  There are many reasons why a person is the size they are and there are even more reasons why individuals want to lose weight.  If your main reason is to be healthier, why not just say it like it is?  Opposite of “Lose” is “Gain,” and the best way to narrow it down is to “Gain Health.”

What is one action you can take to gain health?


Make More Money vs. Honor Financial Fluidity

The opposites here are “Making,” which is a form of control, and “Fluidity” which is a form of letting go.  The most important thing to remember is that money is energy.  To want to control energy is pointless.  It’s like trying to hold onto water with your bare hands.  However, like water, the vibration of money has an ebb and flow.  It goes through cycles of giving and receiving.  To honor your relationship with money, honor its fluidity and presence in your life.  Money is, after all, derived from descriptions of water:  Currency, deposits, banks, liquidations.  Learn to develop a relationship with money-energy first and then you will understand how to bring more into your life.      

What is one action you can take to honor financial fluidity?


Quit Your Job vs. Start A Passionate Hobby

These opposites include the words “Quit” and “Start.”  Has your job singed your last nerve, but you don’t have a back up plan?  I don’t oppose jumping in head first to the unknown, however, for those who prefer their cards in a row, quitting may be a bit too brazen.  Why not introduce a passionate hobby into your daily routine first?  Creativity ignites answers to problems we can’t figure out when we’re in a left-brained state of mind.  Creativity, like meditation, is a way of working with and balancing both hemispheres of the brain.  This state of being can nourish and feed your inner fire, and reveal more options than you ever thought possible.  Your current work situation may not feel nourishing, and so by fueling your passion, you’re feeding your soul and allowing a huge transition to unravel its steps at a more comfortable pace.

What is one action you can take to start a passionate hobby?


Be Happy vs. Express Your Anger

Happiness can be a mask for any emotion.  Trying to be happy is like giving someone an empty hug.   The one on the receiving end feels like something is off because that full body contact is far from comforting.  If you find yourself unhappy, why not try expressing an opposite emotion: anger?  We are complex and conditioned beings where happiness can be the hollow default in any situation.  Get in touch with your anger, and your authentic self will allow space for more joy to culminate.   

What is one action you can take to start expressing your anger?


Be Energized vs. Sleep More

The opposites here are “Energized” and “Sleep.”  If you are fully present in your body, typically, you will have a great sense of energy.  If you’re going on automatic pilot, just trying to get through the day, you are not present.  You’re tip-toeing in other dimensions and states of consciousness.  If you’re reasoning for not being here in the now stems from lack of sleep, why not encourage yourself to sleep more?  You can always make adjustments later and fine-tune an appropriate balance.  To be energized, one must take all necessary actions to recharge themselves and BE the energy they seek.

What is one action you can take to start sleeping more?


By taking your goal from the left column and affixing it with a dualistic twist in the right column, you will begin to see that each goal presents many layers of wisdom.  It may even reveal missing pieces required to make it happen.


Mind you, each goal requires some action on your part.  Yes, it’s great to send prayers, blessings and wishes to a higher force or deity.  However, if you relinquish your position as prime participator, how likely is it that the outcome will be in your favor?


Not likely.


Take time to sit with your goals.  Give them attention throughout these months ahead.  Feed them, nourish them, and you just might realize how easy they are to attain. 


May you accomplish all your goals with ease and enjoy the process!


Happy New Year!