A Journey For Answers

My skin still felt the vibrations bouncing off the walls.  Always at this time, was when I assimilated and felt the most energy…in the silence.  The room was dim and I could see the outline of participants as my tingshas lured them back into their bodies.  By the look of their faces I knew many had a lot to say about their sonic journey.


“What did it mean?” one individual asked after their elaborate description of colors and immersion of water.  Some of my suggestions were received, but I knew they weren’t completely satisfied.  Little did they know, they already had the answer.  Many of us do.  Instead, we seek clarity and confirmation from other sources, diminishing our own intuitive capabilities.


It was time for me to create a new event, something I hadn’t facilitated before.  I wasn’t sure what this concept even looked like.  Whenever I found myself in doubt of a direction splattered with question marks, I’d dust off my shaman tools and journey inward.  This time, the guidance encouraged me to continue a ritual of journeys each day for thirty days.  I plunged into the lower and upper realms for clarity and brought back energies, images and wisdom recommended by my guides.  At the end of this time span, what manifested was a guided shamanic journey for connecting with one’s shaman teacher.


In the summer of 2016, I facilitated this new event and the guided shamanic journey was well-received.  It confirmed the nudges I had during previous rehearsals to make it widely accessible for anyone interested in exploring their higher consciousness.  Darn nudges, thank you.


When fellow sound healer, Lynda Arnold, asked me what I had in mind in regards to recording this album, I responded,  “A guided adventure.”  I called upon her expertise in music production to help breathe life into the project.  I wanted to incorporate all the senses and make it more of an experience rather than a flat recorded meditation.


Like two inner-children at play, Lynda and I beat drums and struck instruments that animated the layers in the journey.  Every listener was to be transported into the lower realm easily, regardless of their experience.  The crystal bowls were to have their voices heard as well as my integrated vocals.  Once I had the listener in a higher frequency state, I infused earthly guttural chants of the directional deities to incorporate all aspects of space and protection.


Even now, I discover new symbolism in this guided journey.  Every animal, sound, and image had it’s purpose.  I researched the meanings behind the animals and it revealed mysticism and initiation.  I love synchronicity and find it happens quite often with this work. 


This guided journey may not be for everyone.  However, for those who are ready for it, I wish them an experience beyond their imaginations and hope this new tool will not only unite them with their inner wisdom, but help create a deep sense of empowerment.

Cover CD Final

To download a copy of Awakening Your Inner Shaman:  A Guided Shamanic Journey, visit the CD Baby website.


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