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After receiving the results to my microbiome test, I quickly glanced through the pages to see if Akkermansia Muciniphila bacterium was apart of my top 20 bacteria.  And, just as I suspected….the answer was no.  I wasn’t upset, I was more impressed actually.  The fact that it matched my assumptions meant that there was a little more truth to this test.  I can be critical at times, when needed.


When I went over my microbiome consultation with Doron, more and more of my assumptions were confirmed and shed light on how my microbiome was doing.  In the end, I was doing pretty well.  He mentioned that even though I lacked Akkermansia, I had other health indicators that were on target: My diversity of bacteria was great and my levels of Bacteroides and Prevotella were high.  Bacteroides help digest protein while Prevotella help digest carbohydrates.  Although I lacked an important bacterium called Ruminococcus, a plant digester that thrives on indigestible fibers, I did have a unique bacterium that can be found in kefir drinkers: Fusicatenibacter.  I love kefir drinks.



Overall, I was very impressed with Doron’s breakdown of my inner ecosystem and I could see the holes in where I needed improvement.  The question I asked myself was, “Am I ready to enhance the health of my own microbiome?”  I knew instantly, “Yes!”



Perhaps at this point, you may be curious to see how your own microbiome is doing?  I understand the little voice in your head may still be keeping you from exploring this direction.  What if I could give you 7 ways you can incorporate balance and OM in your gut right now?  Baby steps are still steps in the forward direction.  It doesn’t matter how big of steps you take, as long as you’re going in a direction that benefits you!  So here you are, in no particular order:

7 Ways To Create Om In Your MicrobiOMe



By introducing organic, no sugar added, cranberries into your eating lifestyle, it will help boost your Akkermansia levels.  Try them in smoothies or as a salad topping, they offer an exciting twist for your tastebuds. 




Eating a variety of foods, with a variety of colors is similar to creating an orchestra of music for the gut.  Food is frequency.  Colors are frequencies.  The more variety you have, the healthier the song your microbiome will compose.  Keep in mind of certain food combinations to prevent unpleasant overtones!





Probiotics have been known to increase our good bacteria in our gut, however, did you know they also reduce our reaction to stress?  At the Center for Neurobiology of Stress in Los Angeles, a group of 60 healthy women were given yogurt with, and without probiotics, over a two-week period.  Scientists then used emotionally negative images to initiate stress.  Their study showed that the women who consumed the yogurt with the probiotics were less reactive to stress, and the images that were shown.  The study also showed a network of brain regions were less active in this same group of women.  According to Kirsten Tillisch at the center, this was the first study to show that a simple food could affect the brain and change one’s response to their environment. 


“How can probiotics help us if we’re reacting less?” you may ask.  Because reacting is instability in its organic form.  I believe when we come from a more neutral state, we can act in more appropriate ways. 





Walking, stretching, jumping, running, cardio…more emphasis on the cardio….creates a higher oxygen-rich blood content, creating a more pleasant environment for Akkermansia to thrive.  The rest of your connective tissues and organs will also thank you for the extra circulation and nourishment.





Drinking water will encourage permeability in your cells, allowing them to function properly.  When cells are dehydrated, they cannot perform their duties optimally because water fuels their purpose.  If you’re lacking water, you’re lacking function and that energy will be compensated in other not-so-proper ways.





As you sleep, you give your body time to repair cell damage and recharge from your work activity during the day.  Naps can also be of help if your schedule is over-loaded with stressful or challenging activities.  A twenty-minute nap may not sound like much, however it can help you FEEL like a new person.  Rest sheds years off your face and re-sets the creative spark you feel in your belly.   



Put love into everything you eat, drink, see, and do!  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s life work shows how our own thoughts and words can change the molecular structure of water.  Why not program everything we come in contact with love?  Talk to your food.  Sing mantras and affirmations into your drinks.  Give loving pats and affection to your body parts.  When you LOVE yourself, there’s no telling how your world can change, especially inside your microbiome.        



When it comes to transforming your life, the simplest way to begin is to take one step at a time.  And remember, if you need a little help in making holistic enhancements to your eating lifestyle or daily routine, connect with me.  Together, we can create a plan that works for you!


From My OM To Yours,




Photo Credit:  Monoar


The Gut: Our Second Brain, directed by Cecile Denjean (Documentary)