Dare You To Blink

Our emotions can easily sway us like the tides ebb and flow.  Words echo throughout our digital world of more deaths from suicide than we care to admit.  Addictions strengthen their grips around our stomachs, our liver, our lungs, and our minds.  


“If you must pick your toxicity,” I say,  “…always keep the antidote nearby.”


When you find yourself in the depths of despair, you are the only one who can truly get yourself out of it.  Surrounding yourself by your inner circle team can greatly enhance your progress.  If you’ve never developed a team to begin with, create one.  Find them through your community, social media, or word of mouth.  Take action to take care of your-Self.  You may be surprised to know many feel like you do.  By creating those connections you can strengthen your community one-by-one.


I, too, found myself down in the dumps one day, with my critical mind much edgier than I had experienced it before.  I was stuck in a loop of judgment and self-loathing.  Once it begins, it’s very hard to change its rhythm.  This day was different.  I made the decision to stop the loop and break the cycle.  After I realized the battle of words going on in my mind, I sat myself down, looked in the mirror and said,


“I love you.  I care about you.  You are such an extraordinary being.”  


…I forced these words to resonate off the mirror and felt their vibrations settle back into me.         


One of the biggest nudges came over me.  I had to write.  I didn’t know what it was exactly, but I knew in order to find the answer, writing was necessary.  Of course, most writing for me nowadays is typing.  Once I got to my laptop, I let my fingers play their song:


“I am a being of change.  

Dare you to blink, 

You may miss my transformation.  

Do you recognize the divine in my eyes?  

The Goddess in my curves?  

The masculine power in my stance?

They will continue to beam 

As I shape-shift through life.

I am a product of every 









Do not judge me.

I am a weathered being 

Bright in her nature

Quick to change







I dare you to blink.

You may miss my 


Although I know you won’t

because I see YOU.”


It only took a minute or two to type and yet after I read the words, it brought me to tears.  A healing took place within me.  A change of heart and a change of tune.  I felt my body wasn’t going to take any more abuse.  This was its response…complete awareness of who I am.


These words brought me to center and back into my body where I felt powerful again.  This was my antidote.


When I was in high school, one of my English teachers showed us the 1970’s version film of Romeo and Juliet.  I loved it.  Funny thing, when we acted out the parts in groups, I was Romeo.  After our class discussion, our teacher said one thing that stuck with me after all these years.  “When in doubt, wait 5 minutes.  It could change your life.”


I thank my teacher for this wisdom, and now, I pass it on to you.


You are SO loved,